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About Us – Who We Are.

Founded in 1981, Poltech Buher Inc. is a unique manufacturer specializing in the fabrication, machining, and assembly of large and complex equipment for the wind, steel, pulp and paper, energy, injection molding, press, oil and gas and power transmission industries.

With the help of our skilled team and renowned capabilities, Poltech has developed a track record of offering an unparalleled level of service that is personalized in approach, comprehensive in scope and cost effective in practice.

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Our Group: We Are Advanced Manufacturing.

In 2020, Poltech Buher Inc. joined the New Era Group, a diversified group of businesses focused on precision machining, fabrication, assembly, industrial manufacturing, metal forming and more. As a New Era Group company, Poltech in conjunction with the group, is proud to offer numerous value-add services. Visit the New Era Group website to learn how Poltech can utilize the capabilities, scale, and expertise of its sister companies to assist you in overcoming the most challenging and complex tasks.

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