Power Generation Turbine Rotor

Rebuild & Parts

At Poltech Buher, we have the experience and the expertise to rebuild or refurbish your existing equipment to original standards. We understand that there is often lots of life left in well-built legacy equipment and that rebuilds may be more economical and feasible. With the help of our dedicated team of millwrights, engineers and manufacturing staff we have experience refurbishing parts for the following industries: Steel, Mining, Power Generation, Press Manufacturing & More.

Examples of Parts Rebuilt:

  • Entry Guide/Strip Guiding Equipment
  • Crop Shears
  • Hoist & Rope Drums
  • Chocks
  • Top Drive Equipment
  • Downcoilers/Mandrels/Reels
  • Drawworks Equipment
  • Heavy Table Rolls
  • Drilling Pumps
  • Caster Segments
  • Fluid Ends
  • Sheaves & Pulleys
  • Gearboxes
  • Blow Out Preventers (BOPs)

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