Rotary Kiln



With over 35 years of experience and unparalleled capabilities, Poltech Buher is a recognized leader in producing parts for the hydropower sector. Our exceptional capabilities allow us to machine, fabricate and assemble parts up to 80 tons in weight, 12 feet in diameter and 50 feet in length.

Poltech Buher Inc. provides turnkey solutions from advanced planning to delivery, including sourcing of raw materials, design support, machining, fabrication, NDT Testing, mechanical and electrical assembly, re-certification and hydrotesting. We have in depth experience working with austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel as well as specialty alloys and dissimilar metals.

With over 55 years of experience and unparalleled capabilities, Norwest is a recognized leader in machining, fabrication and assembly processes for a wide range of parts and components including:

Rotating Equipment

  • Generator Shafts
  • Turbine Shafts
  • Runners & Impellers
  • Pole End Plates

Flow Control Equipment:

  • Knife Gates
  • Sluice Gates
  • Draftube
  • Swing Gates
  • Intake Gates
  • Wheels
  • Bulkhead Gates
  • Stoplog Gates
  • Tainter/Radial Gates
  • Spillway Gates
  • Roller Gates
  • Miter Gates
  • Lock Gates
  • Exxentric Axles
  • Embeds
  • Main Inlet Vales (MIV)
  • Pistons

Hoisting Equipment:

  • Winch Drums
  • Crane Drums
  • Trolleys
  • Under Hook Components

Our Certifications

Certificate of Registration
ISO 9001:2015
Certificate of Accreditation
CSA 47.1

Canadian Welding Bureau


Controlled Good Program


Experience working with leading classification societies such as DNV/ABS/LLOYD’s with a growing library of qualified weld procedures

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